Delicious Wednesday: Broccoli Chicken Pasta

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Louisville Thursday: Cherokee Park

I’m sure you’ve already realized that Louisville is the most amazing city, but within our great city lies the most amazing parks. We went to Cherokee Park for about an hour or so, because it’s basically across the street. Literally. Continue reading

Delicious Wednesday: Dutch Baby Morning

A few weeks ago we decided we would get up early and make a real breakfast. I found a recipe for a dutch baby in The Joy of Cooking, and as Will had never had a dutch baby (or even heard of it! Can you imagine?!) I knew we had to make one.  Plus we hadn’t used our cast iron skillet yet, so that needed to be done.

Fresh out of the oven. (And seriously check out our tiny stove.)

And Will made blueberry sauce.

BLUEBERRY SAUCE, you guys.  I can’t.

Last night we had breakfast for dinner and made pancakes.  We are never making pancakes again.  We have a miniature stove and we could only make one. pancake. at. a. time.  We have now vowed never to make pancakes again and only make dutch babies.  (They’re better anyway.)

What’s your favorite carb-tastic breakfast recipe?


Louisville Thursday: Anniversary Date

For our one-month anniversary of being married (can you believe it?!) we went to the Grape Leaf on Frankfort. The weekend we moved in we drove by this place and I knew we had to visit! I’m a sucker for anything Mediterranean. Continue reading

Delicious Wednesday: Pita bread

I had such high hopes for you, pita bread.  You were going to be delicious and perfect and pocketed.

I found a recipe for pita bread a few weeks ago on Pinterest, which means I can share it with you!
Isn’t the picture beautiful?  Don’t you want to go make pita bread now? Continue reading

Louisville Thursday: The River. A mostly pictures post.

A few weeks ago before Will started school we decided to go find the river sans GPS.  So we drove, and drove, and drove in the direction we thought would be the river… and we gave up.  So we finally utilized the GPS and found out that there’s a park beside the river only about 2 miles from where we live.  Of course, right?

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Delicious Wednesday: Stir Fry!

Unfortunately, this recipe only had one picture taken. 😦

But this may have been one of the best things Will has made so far. And more unfortunateness – it’s from a cookbook as well. I found out about Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge by Grace Young through NPR, but now that I’m looking for the exact article I can’t find it.  (Seriously, is there any better name for a book?)  I read the article in June, send it to Will, and he ordered the book and a wok that night.  The book is amazing!  It has so many stir-fry recipes from different cultures.  I’m sure we’ll never get bored with it.  I haven’t gotten a picture of this yet, but woks are worth the investment even if you’re just going to make popcorn with it.  I’m never eating popcorn out of a bag again.


Special post!

My cute husband Will last Tuesday on his first day of his second year of seminary!

“Shouldn’t I hold an apple?” Yes. Yes you should.

Delicious Wednesday: Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup

I’ve decided now that I need to organize my blog. I’m thinking of doing a few different themes on multiple days of the week. I probably won’t be posting something for each of these every week, but I think it’s a nice idea. I was thinking I could do crafts, around louisville/what we’re up to, recipes/food, scripture, and shopping (clothes, thrift finds, etc). Is anybody interested in this? I just like organization 🙂

Since we’ve been in Louisville, Will has been cooking up a storm. He makes dinner at least 6 times a week. If we can remember, we’ve been trying to take pictures of the things that are especially good, particularly if I’ve found the recipe on Pinterest so we can review it and share the recipe with you! Unfortunately we won’t always get to do this, because sometimes the recipes come from one of our many cookbooks and I won’t be able to post them online due to copyright reasons. I will however tell you the book and let you know if the book is worth buying! Today’s food comes from the latter category. This dinner was from one of our first nights here, so we only had basic pantry items. It’s creamless creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese. The soup is a recipe from American’s Test Kitchen which you can find here, but you’ll have to pay. (But trust us – it’s WORTH it!). Continue reading

Honeymoon, Part IV. The end!

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