Delicious Wednesday: Stir Fry!

Unfortunately, this recipe only had one picture taken. 😦

But this may have been one of the best things Will has made so far. And more unfortunateness – it’s from a cookbook as well. I found out about Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge by Grace Young through NPR, but now that I’m looking for the exact article I can’t find it.  (Seriously, is there any better name for a book?)  I read the article in June, send it to Will, and he ordered the book and a wok that night.  The book is amazing!  It has so many stir-fry recipes from different cultures.  I’m sure we’ll never get bored with it.  I haven’t gotten a picture of this yet, but woks are worth the investment even if you’re just going to make popcorn with it.  I’m never eating popcorn out of a bag again.



One thought on “Delicious Wednesday: Stir Fry!

  1. condorliz says:

    Well, give us an IDEA of what is in it!!!??? What kind of wok did ya’ll end up with?

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