Honeymoon, Part III.

This is part 3 of 4 of the honeymoon posts!
On a side note, I’ve noticed the pictures I’m posting are kind of grainy and super low quality. I’ve already uploaded all the honeymoon pictures so they’re all going to be that way, but they’ll be better in the future. I made a rookie mistake, but future pictures will look nicer!

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Honeymoon, Part II.

This is part 2 of 4 honeymoon posts. Here we go!

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Honeymoon, Part I.

This is very long overdue! I don’t have very many legitimate excuses, so we’ll just skip that part, shall we?
Last month we got married and honeymooned in…
Chicago was wonderful. There was so much to do, see, and (my favorite) eat!
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Bloglovin’, and a minor update.

If any of you use Bloglovin, you can find me there now.


We’ve currently been unable to finish decorating our apartment, thus no new pictures.  We were almost finished and about to hang my bridal portrait over the dining room table, and when Will pulled the table from beside the wall, the wall looked.. well, basically just weird.  The paint was bubbling and the sheet rock was wet.  Turns out that our tub has been leaking and leaked through the sheet rock to the other side, and we didn’t notice until we moved the table.  We called maintenance and they’ve fixed the leak, but there’s a big hole in the sheet rock and we can’t hang anything until they come back to fix it.  So I’ll be posting honeymoon posts later! 🙂

Partially naked apartment tour.

After many days of unpacking, assembling Ikea furniture, and sweating, we had a partially assembled apartment.  Warning: this post contains many boxes and naked walls.  But don’t worry, it will get better!  These pictures were taken right before we left to go back to South Carolina.  As you can imagine, Will and I were very sad to leave our new undecorated apartment.  We talked about finishing it all through the next week and our honeymoon!

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Naked Apartment Tour!

First post!  First off, I’m terribly sorry about the delay.  We’ve kind of been busy packing up all of our worldly possessions, getting married, honeymooning, and getting acquainted with our new apartment and new city! (And going to Target every day for things we’ve forgotten!)  So here’s some pictures from 2 weeks ago when we moved in.  I wanted pictures of our apartment immediately when we saw it so we could compare how small and empty it was to how amazing I knew we could make it!

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