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Louisville Thursday: Cherokee Park

I’m sure you’ve already realized that Louisville is the most amazing city, but within our great city lies the most amazing parks. We went to Cherokee Park for about an hour or so, because it’s basically across the street. Literally. Continue reading


Louisville Thursday: Anniversary Date

For our one-month anniversary of being married (can you believe it?!) we went to the Grape Leaf on Frankfort. The weekend we moved in we drove by this place and I knew we had to visit! I’m a sucker for anything Mediterranean. Continue reading

Louisville Thursday: The River. A mostly pictures post.

A few weeks ago before Will started school we decided to go find the river sans GPS.  So we drove, and drove, and drove in the direction we thought would be the river… and we gave up.  So we finally utilized the GPS and found out that there’s a park beside the river only about 2 miles from where we live.  Of course, right?

Continue reading