Delicious Wednesday: Pita bread

I had such high hopes for you, pita bread.  You were going to be delicious and perfect and pocketed.

I found a recipe for pita bread a few weeks ago on Pinterest, which means I can share it with you!
Isn’t the picture beautiful?  Don’t you want to go make pita bread now?


Well, you can try.  Hopefully yours is more pita-y than mine.

I rolled them out.

I let them rise.

I baked them. They were golden and perfect and smelled amazing!

But they were ciabatta bread. There was no pocket, only glutenly goodness.
They weren’t pita, but we probably ate them in 3 days.

In my next attempt at pita bread, I made another Pinterest recipe recommended by my friend Kim.  Hi Kim!
Unfortunately there are no pictures to document this one.  I’m still not used to taking pictures of everything that happens.  Bad blogger?  Yes.
But this recipe came out more like amazingly delicious flatbread.  Still no pocket, but we had it with greek chicken, and falafel, and hummus, and a few times just with honey.  Again, no complaints here!

So I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pita recipe.  Any recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Delicious Wednesday: Pita bread

  1. C says:

    Look at you mrs susie homemaker! there’s go to be a secret to getting that pocket. …….
    i would be interested in details as to how school is going for the will man….

    • Talley says:

      I think it’s just getting the oven hot enough, which we can’t do with our baby oven.
      Will loves school! You know how he is. It’s a lot of work and some of it is hard (Hebrew!) but he’s doing well!

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