Special post!

My cute husband Will last Tuesday on his first day of his second year of seminary!

“Shouldn’t I hold an apple?” Yes. Yes you should.


4 thoughts on “Special post!

  1. condorliz says:

    So strange without that long hair! He CAN’T WEAR SHORTS TO SEMINARY!!!!???? I should think not? What did ya’ll do this weekend? Please pray for Mamaw tomorrow as she undergoes surgery at 8. It has been a zoo rescheduling everyone to take my place since I am ailing again 😦

    • Talley says:

      Isn’t he cute? Just wait for new pictures. He accidentally trimmed his beard too close. Of course he can wear shorts! This isn’t BJU 😉
      We went to Bardstown. There will be a post on it soon! Will pray! Is it your feet?

      • condorliz says:

        it’s stress i think!!! had to go to ER friday night after returning home from taking mom around thurs/friday. it was alot like the heart thing 2 years ago. lots of spasms in left chest, arm neck…heart muscle not involved this time…cardiology appt wed. :(:(:(
        i still don’t feel good.

  2. TheycallmeGranny says:

    He looks so cute! You know I love first day of school pictures!

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