Monthly Archives: September 2012

Delicious Wednesday: Broccoli Chicken Pasta

Don’t read this if you’re hungry.  Continue reading


Louisville Thursday: Cherokee Park

I’m sure you’ve already realized that Louisville is the most amazing city, but within our great city lies the most amazing parks. We went to Cherokee Park for about an hour or so, because it’s basically across the street. Literally. Continue reading

Delicious Wednesday: Dutch Baby Morning

A few weeks ago we decided we would get up early and make a real breakfast. I found a recipe for a dutch baby in The Joy of Cooking, and as Will had never had a dutch baby (or even heard of it! Can you imagine?!) I knew we had to make one.  Plus we hadn’t used our cast iron skillet yet, so that needed to be done.

Fresh out of the oven. (And seriously check out our tiny stove.)

And Will made blueberry sauce.

BLUEBERRY SAUCE, you guys.  I can’t.

Last night we had breakfast for dinner and made pancakes.  We are never making pancakes again.  We have a miniature stove and we could only make one. pancake. at. a. time.  We have now vowed never to make pancakes again and only make dutch babies.  (They’re better anyway.)

What’s your favorite carb-tastic breakfast recipe?