Partially naked apartment tour.

After many days of unpacking, assembling Ikea furniture, and sweating, we had a partially assembled apartment.  Warning: this post contains many boxes and naked walls.  But don’t worry, it will get better!  These pictures were taken right before we left to go back to South Carolina.  As you can imagine, Will and I were very sad to leave our new undecorated apartment.  We talked about finishing it all through the next week and our honeymoon!


Here’s our living room!  Recognize the built in bookshelves?  It looks so much bigger when there’s furniture in it!


Here’s the view from behind the couch.  Our dining room is in the corner, and behind me is our kitchen cart.  That has definitely paid for itself already due to our lack of counter space.


The whole living room.  There’s a really cute chair under Perry that will become my reading nook.  We’re getting a reading lamp for it this weekend when my parents come to visit!


This is the view from the front door.  I can’t believe how much it’s already changed since then!


The new kitchen and a peek into the bedroom!  In the foreground is my great grandmother’s pie safe, which makes for a great foyer!


Here’s our pie safe, ikea-hack microwave stand, and fridge.


Our bedroom!  See how huge it is?  We could throw a party in there!


The view from the closet.


We didn’t have room for a desk and sewing table, so we’re going to share!


The world’s most comfortable bed.  And there are drawers underneath.


The other side of the bedroom with our dresser.  The dresser was Will’s and I put new knobs on it.


Our bathroom, which I love. This picture makes me realize that the brown toilet seat cover looks weird, but some of our shower curtain rings are brown.

So that’s our partially furnished apartment!  The next post will be a completed one.  (At least completed for now!)



4 thoughts on “Partially naked apartment tour.

  1. Anna B. says:

    I LOVE IT!! Miss you, but I know you’re having so much fun getting settled into married life.

  2. this is very cute and homely 🙂 can’t wait to see once its fully decorated but it looks pretty fan as is 🙂 great job xxx Cat

  3. Mandy Mason says:

    Love the new place….So glad you are doing this bog so we can all keep up with your lives way out there…..Love ya both

  4. Sarah says:

    OH, your apartment is GREAT!! It looks better than my house does now. Naked walls? Those are kinda my signature. Well, mostly because my husband demands to make his own frames and thus delays wall decoration, oh, about 6 years. Congrats on all the cuteness! If I come to visit, that pie safe isn’t so safe.

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